A historical city in the hills


Kandy is Sri Lanka’s bustling hill capital and the last domain of the Sinhala kings. Rich in cultural and historical significance, Kandy is home to many attractions including the Temple of the Tooth Relic,  restaurants, shopping centers and many exquisite boutique shops that offer local handicrafts, souvenirs, tea and handloom products. Why choose Kandy? Aside from the beautiful natural locations such as the gardens, forest reserves and the longest river in the country, the Mahaweli, Kandy is bustling with enthusiastic civilians and busy roads. Additionally, the Hanthana mountain range offers trekking and hiking options that many explorers can visit.

  • Take a relaxing stroll around the Kandy Lake in the evening
  • Visit Temple of the Tooth Relic housed in the former Royal Palace
  • Go on a hike up a rainforest at the UNESCO Heritage site Udawattekele Sanctuary
  • Visit the beautifully manicured Kandy Garrison Cemetery where heroes of WII are interred.
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