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Beach Weddings in Beruwala Sri Lanka

Beruwala is considered the first Muslim settlement in Sri Lanka as far back as the 8th century when it was considered a trade town frequented by Arab and Chinese traders. The name Beruwala is derived from the Sinhalese word for “lowering the sail.”
The influence these traders left behind still bleeds into everyday life; from the gem merchants around the old China Fort and the white behemoth Kechimalai Mosque constructed by Arab traders.
Beruwala is the ideal place to learn about the gem industry and how ancient traders shaped the history of the island. Create the kind of beach weddings in Sri Lanka that is inspired by history. Try a Bedouin themed wedding on the beach with a windswept marquee decorated to suit your requirements.

  • Looking forward to spending some quality alone time on the beach? This secluded stretch of coastline at Moragalla Beach is ideal for that and even for snorkelling!
  • A magical site where historic architecture meets eclectic art! This sprawling Brief Garden was constructed by famous architect Bevis Bawa and was known to be the place where renown scholars and authors met.
  • Situated offshore from the town of Beruwala, on the tiny Barberyn Island, this monumental tower known as the Barberyn Island Lighthouse sports some great views.
  • View this ancient architectural structure, Kechimalai Mosque, known to be one of the oldest mosques in Sri Lanka. Also, gaze at the amazing views of the harbour while you are here!
  • Watch as the colourful boats bring in the freshest catch of the day! The Beruwala harbour is a great place to soak up the bustling coastal life.
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