A Carefree Adventure in the Sea

Wedding Resorts at Ellaidhoo Maldives By Cinnamon

Tie the knot at a laid-back and glamourous beach wedding at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon. Declare your new chapter together in the midst of a piece of paradise. Let the blue skies and the glittering ocean join your friends and family in congratulating you on your romantic union at one of our Maldives wedding resorts.
Customise your wedding to your liking and let us take care of the rest, from the décor to the location, to the little presents and the menus, we will do the hard work, so you can celebrate your love.

With the gentle breezes from the seas and the dusty sands underfoot you and your loved one may walk down the aisle amidst the unique wedding marches played by the rhythmic waves.

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Beach in Maldives
Ellaidhoo beach
Your perfect beach wedding is all about rose petals scattered on the smooth sands all along the shores and elegant, yet simple marquees to assure some shade- as you celebrate your love story together! with the tunes of the ocean, it's then a melody of romance...