Cinnamon Lodge Habarana

Start the journey of your beautiful, wedded life surrounded by thick forestry and chirpy nestlings at Cinnamon Lodge Habarana. The intimate aura of our resort sets the perfect tone for your romantic getaway as you and your lover get in touch with nature. The vibrant biodiversity lodging at our hotel will have you looking forward to a scenic stroll and a revitalizing experience with nature like no other.

We have curated 3 intimate days with various inclusions to perfect your fairy-tale escape!

Day 1

How does watching the sunset over the still lake with your partner, as you treat yourself to some scrumptious sweets and savouries sound? Too good to be true, isn’t it? As the birds serenade you to their sweet melodies amidst the evening atmosphere by the Habarana lake, sip on a warm cuppa and enjoy each other’s company. The perfect way to savour peace and quiet before returning to your busy life in the city.

After you freshen up and unwind in our cozy accommodation, we will set up an intimate dining experience by the lake just for the two of you. Let us know your cravings and preferences and we will arrange a private chef to whip up a delicious meal with love almost as great as yours! The romantic atmosphere will sweep you off your feet as the dim lights, charming decor and dreamy tunes elevate your mood. Pop open a bottle of sparkling wine and celebrate the union of your love as our waitstaff serve you a flavoursome meal.

Day 2

Wake up to the harmonizing tunes of our resident chirps as you devour a delicious breakfast feast set up just outside your room. We take pride in our dining experiences, and we would love to make it a great one to prepare you for a day of fun!

Away from the city calls for adventure. Let us take you on a safari to the Minneriya or Kaudulla or Hurulu National Park where you will encounter the majestic elephants that rule the jungle. From hearing their loud trumpets from afar to being so close to them you are bound to feel goosebumps! The safari is sure to have your adrenaline pumping. As these gentle giants pass you by, don’t forget to ask our naturalist guiding you to assist in capturing cherished photographs of wildlife. Amidst the wild, we will set up a romantic high tea dining experience within the park for you to savour your treats while enjoying nature at its raw and most serene state.

Take a break and relax after a day of adventure and dress up to join your lover to an intimate authentic Sri Lankan dinner by the pool at our neighboring resort, Habarana Village by Cinnamon. This private dining experience will have romance in the air as we play soothing tunes and seat you both in comfortable seating under the starry sky. We will curate a customized menu according to your preference and have waiting staff ready to provide you a prompt and smooth service. Dig into a delicious pack of traditional Sri Lankan desserts as you end your meal with a sweet treat.

Day 3

Join our naturalists to spot kingfishers and whistling teals darting across our endless pathways as butterflies flutter around the bushes in our organic garden. The tiger butterfly is the most common variety among the others in various colours, that will leave you in awe of nature’s creativity. After your morning walk, head over to a Chena Hut to experience the local richness in an authentic Sri Lankan village setting. We will also have an interactive cookery demonstration to teach you a few tips and tricks to master your next Sri Lankan dish. A little something for you to take back home!

The total package is priced at 555 USD upwards.

Enjoy a 15% discount on a la carte & beverages throughout your stay. Our hotel team is ready to arrange additional excursions or any other transportation requirements you may require during your stay.