Pristine Beaches and Marine Adventure

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon

Crystal clear waters and powdery beaches, all that you would expect from a tropical island wedding! Trinco Blu by Cinnamon is ready to plan your Vivaah celebration with utmost thought and care, that you wouldn’t need to stress about any of the planning activities, other than arriving at the venue with your loved ones and liveliest energy!

While you’re up here, don’t forget to explore the ocean with your special one and family. You may spot pods of grey dolphins diving together or even a few whales as if we’ve orchestrated it just for you. If you think this is impressive, just wait to browse through what we’ve got in store for your wedding.

With our years-long relationships with the most talented florists, entertainment artists, themed decorators, make-up artists, photographers and videographers in town, our experienced team is skilled to assist you in choosing the right vendors to bring your big day to life, just the way you envisioned it.

A range of events will be ready for you, with the choice of blending the best of both traditional Indian and Sri Lankan elements at our beautifully decorated venues. To add even more spice to your memories, we are also able to arrange your arrival in Trincomalee from Colombo via our luxury domestic flyer, Cinnamon Air.

Get to know more about our events!


1. Welcome Lunch or Dinner

Arrive at our spacious Lighthouse Hall for the first gathering at your Vivaah Celebration. The stunning vistas of the vivid blue ocean will serve as a breathtaking backdrop that will be sure to enchant your guests. Our chefs will whip up your favourite dishes and lay them out in a delectable buffet setting. What better way to get the party started than after a hearty meal at one of Sri Lanka’s most favourite beach resorts?

2. Mehendi or Sangeeth Dinner

For a night of fun, music and laughter, our beachfront- garden space under the starry sky is just what we recommend. For your Sangeeth dinner, a special dance floor will be laid out especially for your guests to bust out in both their choreographed and spontaneous dances to the latest hit tunes. Enjoy our daily fresh catches, local favourite seafood dishes and allow yourself to be consumed in the spices and authentic aroma of Sri Lanka.

If you decide to go ahead with a Mehendi dinner, we understand the level of vibrance and liveliness that requires to be brought into the setting to set the right mood. We love witnessing varieties of cultures and traditions at our resort and would love to accommodate all your requests to the best of our ability!

3. High Tea or Pooja Lunch

Treat your guests to a delicious meal at our outdoor venue during the day with the sun shining and palm trees by the beach, swaying to the tunes of the crashing waves. Powdery sand, green lawns, and flavoursome sweet and savoury treats from our high tea platter, if that doesn’t impress your guests… maybe our Pooja Lunch will do the trick. Our resort is known for its enchanting vistas and amazing gastronomical experiences. It will truly be a memorable meal for your guests!

4. Reception Dinner

For the final event of the series, meet your guests at the Lighthouse Hall for a final Reception dinner. We can guarantee that the ballroom will be decorated just as you imagined it with vibrant local florals and music entertainment to play in the background as you cherish and take in every moment of the start of a lifetime. All your dining requirements will be perfectly curated in our unique buffet setting. All that you have got to worry about at your Vivaah Celebration is to, relax, enjoy, and dazzle and breathe in the dawn of the next step in life!