The Most Beautiful Natural Harbour

Wedding Hotels in Trinco Sri Lanka

Thanks to the deep-water harbour, Trincomalee has had a front-row seat in the sea battles for its control since ancient times, changing hands over and over to colonial overlords and finally withstanding Japanese bombarding during World War II.
Trincomalee is thought to be the mythological Gokana mentioned in the great chronicles; the Mahavamsa, where Ravana the king of Lanka came to worship Shiva with his mother. The temple is but a shadow of the original Temple of Thousand Pillars which was shoved off the cliff into the sea by the Portuguese. But traces of a vivacious history remain if you look carefully.
The town is vast with a colourful central market and deer wandering the streets in tandem with tuk-tuks. It is on the way to the beautiful white-sand beaches and some of the best wedding hotels in Sri Lanka.

  • Snorkel in the crystal blue waters of Uppuveli and Nilaveli
  • Go deer spotting on a winding walk through Fort Frederick.
  • Visit the historical and legendary Koneswaram Kovil.
  • Have a wash at the seven Kanniya Hot Springs that are said to date back into folklore.
  • Go whale and dolphin watching off the coast of Trincomalee.
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