A promise of paradise!

Types of Weddings

Sri Lanka is full of abundant locations that set the mood for joyous celebrations, especially weddings. With Cinnamon Island Weddings, we provide you and your partner with a variety of bespoke wedding packages to choose from. Our team will provide you the option of celebrating your big day exactly the way you envisioned it to be, from outdoor weddings in the hills or the jungles to a lavish banquet wedding in the heart of Colombo or even to your very own celebration on a yacht!

If you both are an adventure-loving couple, you can celebrate your wedding in the jungle and experience the beautiful wilderness coupled with a delicious spread of food and a live band to make your wedding an unforgettable experience. As Sri Lanka is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches, you could also opt for a romantic beach wedding. Expect nothing less than waves crashing at your feet, beautiful golden sunrises and sunsets coupled with a touch of the local culture in the form of food and music.

We understand that family and cultural ceremonies are a delicate affair between observing customs and infusing a sense of personal uniqueness. At Cinnamon, we help you find harmony between old traditions and new ways, as we add modern expressions to age-old rituals and bring them to life. Every celebration you have with us, is made for you, with so much meaning.