Types of Weddings

Table Decor at Luxury City Wedding in Sri Lanka
Luxury City Weddings
Whether it is in an opulent garden facing a lake or sandy shores by the ocean, create the perfect city wedding with us.
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Married Couple Walking on the Beach
Wedding on the Beach
Get married on the beach and let the blue sky, the glittering ocean and the endless carpets of sand witness your union.
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Couple at Jungle Wedding in Sri Lanka
Jungle Wedding
A beautifully unique opportunity to wed amidst greenery and vegetation, ideal for those with a soft spot for nature.
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Married Couple on Boat on a Lake
Wedding by Lake
Breathtakingly romantic settings by the lake, customized for your partner and yourself as you exchange your solemn vows.
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Bridal Couple on Yacht in Sri Lanka
Wedding on a Yacht
For a perfect touch of glamour and luxury on your big day, opt to tie the knot on a yacht.
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Garden Wedding Setting in Sri Lanka
Garden Wedding
Garden weddings are effortlessly classy and relaxed, making it the perfect choice for an unforgettable and intimate day.
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Bridal Couple on a Mountain in Sri Lanka
Wedding in the Hills
A quaint wedding in the hills for those who desire an elegant touch of greenery in their fairy-tale-like special occasion.
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Couple standing infront of Sigiriya Rock
A spectacular honeymoon – the most perfect of ways to step into married life, plan an amazing trip with your loved one.
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Bride Walking on the Beach
Renewal of vows
A bespoke renewal of vows ceremony that you’ve set your heart on for a long time, brought to life right before your eyes.
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Private Romantic Dining by the Beach
Anniversaries are milestones that come once in a way and are meant to be celebrated in the most note-worthy of ways.
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Tailor Made Setting for Island Wedding in Sri Lanka
Tailor-made weddings
A tailor-made wedding is all about a big day that reflects you and your partner’s style, taste and personalities.
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