Inventive Weddings

Wedding Planning in Sri Lanka

When it comes to all things wedding, we’ve been in the field for 15 years pioneering in bringing dream weddings to life. If you need more reason to trust us to handle Sri Lankan wedding planning, we’ve got a whole list to convince you:

  • Island weddings – We offer alluring island coastlines, vibrant jungles and chilly mountains for your wedding destinations. Besides, our hotels are located in the most spellbinding locations perfect for your day. Hotel transfers? Leave it to us!
  • Services – When it comes to planning and organizing, we’ve got everything under control from legal arrangements to catering needs.
  • Tailored weddings – Got your unique wedding all sorted out in your mind? Make it happen with a little help from our end.
  • Service providers – If you are concerned about the details for your arrangements, there is no need to fear. We are partnered with some of the best service providers in the country.